A Baby Shower

7:07 AM

This past weekend we had our co-ed baby shower. It was beyond wonderful. We were surrounded by our closest family and friends and it was so nice to get to spend time with them. One of our best friends and the pastor that married us said a very special prayer for our soon coming baby, we got lots of hugs, well wishes and a few of our friends even got to feel the baby kick! 
It was a day focused on love and caring and papa bear and I felt so honored to have so many special people in our life. Because at the end of the day it's not about the gifts or the cards (all of which were so sweet & thoughtful) but it's about caring and it was the most incredible feeling to know that our baby will be born into a family full of such amazing, kind and wonderful people. 
We're still walking on air after such a lovely day!
*kindly excuse my overuse of positive adjectives, I just can't even find the right words to describe our gratitude & joy!

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