33 weeks

9:53 AM

At 33 weeks I finally caved and bought maternity pants... And let me tell you - it was the best decision ever!! Now whenever I need to leave the house my options are no longer striped skirt or striped dress? Because lets be honest I live in leggings at home. Other developments include the wonderful addition of a shed to our yard which allowed us to clean out a lot of junk from the baby's room. Speaking of which we are almost, almost done! We're just waiting on the rocking chair and some artwork and then we will officially be ready to move on to things like packing the hospital bag ! I've been feeling good, baby is squirming more than kicking now and we are just both so excited to meet this kid!!
P.S. Question for you mamas out there: those first weeks before the cord falls off what are they supposed to wear? Can you put them in onsies or are two piece outfits better?

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