taking stock vol. V

2:17 PM

The last time I did one of these it was the beginning of November and we had all the wonderful holidays on the horizon. Now it's the first day of February and I am finally feeling like we're out of the horrible dark woods of January. This morning I could hear birds chirping, the was a palpable warmth in the air and hearts and chocolates are everywhere! Can't go wrong with hearts and chocolates.

These lists always seem to remind me of what's good and help me get excited about the future. So here we go!

making: messes. I decided to relax a little on the "clean house" thing and let the kids, and sometimes myself, just have so fun.
cooking: pasta and pot roasts. As soon as it gets cold all I want is ALL the carbs!! Mmmm...
drinking: tea. This one is my favorite.
wanting: a hot tub. I'm serious. We enjoyed the heck out of one at the cabin a few weeks ago and now we're obsessed.
looking: forward to spring. Since we're probably not getting snow I just want winter to be over already.
wasting: water. Between the laundry for four people, daily baths for the kids and running the dishwasher it's kind of insane.
sewing: nothing at the moment but I have some projects I would like to get working on soon.
wishing: time would stand still long enough for me to enjoy my babies being little.
enjoying: the new season of Serial. I heard some people don't like it because it's not as "did he or didn't he?" but I find the nuanced material this season much more thought provoking.
waiting: for a certain something...
liking: the idea of not having a huge party for my 30th but a getaway with my husband instead.
wondering: what this next chapter of my life will look like.
loving: slippers. Not earth shattering news but they seriously improve my quality of life.
hoping: I can achieve all the goals I set for myself this year.
marveling: at everything we've accomplished in eight short years of marriage. To think it all started with thinking each other cute!
needing: nothing. I'm still enjoying all my Christmas presents.
smelling: my new perfume, a gift from my mum, and loving it!! Always been a Tocca girl.
wearing: these mittens every day. I can't stand being cold. They're so cute I got them in pink and white! They're on a crazy sale right now too!
listening: to Serial.
noticing: the passage of time. For some reason my thirtieth and the fact that Birdie starts preschool in one year has really been weighing on me.
knowing: nothing really. Does anyone know anything at the beginning of the year?
thinking: about so many things I've had trouble falling asleep lately.
feeling: anxious and excited. I feel like this year has the potential to be amazing.
bookmarking: sewing projects.
opening: new doors. Theoretical and literal ones.
giggling: over the strange things that come out of Birdie's mouth these days. For example, she was walking laps in the hot tub this weekend and then stops and says "Do you think there's a point in me going around again??" #dead

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