much ado about nothing

3:39 PM

Is it just me or is this the longest week ever? I spent almost the entire day yesterday thinking it was Wednesday. And wouldn't that have been great? Unfortunately, Wednesday is today which means two more days until this weekend. Womp, womp.
My thoughts are about as messy as our house right now and as much as I would love to pen an eloquent post about buying our first house I'm just going to share whatever jumbled up mess I have instead because 1) both kids are napping (PRAISE) 2) I may not log onto here for a very, very long time and well when the feeling strikes you... Hit the iron while it's hot? Anyways.
Last Friday we closed on our very first home. It's funny because we called and texted a million people and everyone was saying "gosh you must be so excited" and I just felt like a one year old when you tell them Santa is coming and they try so very hard to produce the emotion that they think you intimated they should be displaying and it's so very earnest and yet completely blank. You see we started looking back in September and it was back then that we received arguably the best piece of advice you can get when beginning the home buying process "do not get excited about any house until you are holding the key in your hand." Of course we proceeded to do the complete opposite and I can't begin to tell you how many "for real, this is one!!" conversations we had with our realtor (God bless that woman for putting up with us for six months). And then it doesn't work out and the deal falls through again and again and again. And you become somewhat numb and detached to the whole thing. And all the homes start to blur together. And then one comes along and it's not a total disaster and it starts to look like it might work and you are three days away from closing and then... BOOM. Another roadblock. You almost lose it but you don't. So long story short by the time we got to that closing table we were exhausted, scared, confused and a teeny tiny bit excited. So yeah, whew. Closing is not for the faint of heart.
Today my excitement level is at a seven (on a scale of one to ten). There's still the packing, unpacking, moving vans, painting and requisite bleeding of money that comes with every move. It's all very insane especially considering we have two little ones that no matter what most-amazing-incredible-expensive toy you put in front of them right now think there is nothing, and I repeat nothing, more exciting than a cardboard box and some tape... But every time I feel like I can't breath I try to be more zen-like and focus on what the house will look like when it's all done. It works 75% of the time... The rest of the time I'm just having panic attacks in my closet and eating loads of leftover Christmas candy I am discovering in odd places while I pack (found some kisses in a box with staplers in the office...).
Kindly send us lots of pizza. Also I hope the kids' brains won't be completely fried in the next two weeks as Daniel Tiger is the only way I can pack four or five boxes before they come waddling over threatening mayhem upon me and my packing station.

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