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If I learned anything from living down south last year it's that once you get to the end of February all your dreams of true winter weather will have evaporated along with the measly dusting of "snow" that came and went in a matter of hours. This is all to say that this weekend the highs are in the 60s and that combined with the birds chirping outside my window means spring is here! And I really don't mind! I'm ready! I'm ready to not have our car littered with a million pairs of discarded socks (why, why, why do children think socks are their enemy???), hats, coats, scarves, cheddar bunnies and boots. Well I suppose the cheddar bunny dust is here to stay but warmer temperatures mean all those extra layers can be packed away until next year!
On that note I've been doing some window shopping for the kids. Teddy continues to grow lengthwise at an alarming rate so I'm basically buying him new pants every month as within two weeks of wear they turn into capris. Speaking of which I couldn't find a photo because they sold out online but Old Navy has these ridiculously cute and well made french terry pants for babies right now and they are only $7!! I got Teddy two pairs and they are perfect. Also at Old Navy is my new favorite tee, I am completely obsessed!! It's such a fun look for spring and I love the way it looks with high waisted jeans. I may just have to have it in both colors. Also for spring I am thinking of getting Birdie's beloved A&A dress in the leotard version as well as these darling shoes. Oh and new sunglasses. I'm always in the market once warmer weather rolls around. Has anyone given the new J. Crew ones a try?
As far as books go I have a ginormous stack that recently arrived from Amazon that I have slowly been making my way through and I will try to post about later. For the kids though I was really excited to try the new The Forest Feasts cookbook for kids. Should be here today! Also, I bought this body book for Birdie at Costco on a whim. I thought it would go over her head and much of it does but some of the concepts she is able to grasp and it has been her favorite for weeks now. She even sleeps with it! LOL
I'm super excited to check out Target's new Pillowfort line of decor for kids. It's all incredibly adorable and very on trend. Hoping the prices are good too but I suppose it will go to clearance sooner or later so there's always that!
Lastly, I wanted to share about latest beauty obsession - Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay. This stuff is amazing - it's dirt cheap, works like a charm and is as natural as it gets! The first time I used it I freaked out because once I washed it off my face was beet red but I woke up the following morning with baby soft and smooth skin. Win!! 

Wishing all of you a wonderful weekend! Enjoy the sun!

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