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We first clued into the fact that Birdie loves music more than the average baby when Passion Pit was the only thing that could ever calm her down when she was a newborn. The moment we would start playing the album she would instantly relax and kind of zone out. That album was a lifesaver. As she grew her musical tastes grew as well. She's very clear about what she likes these days by breaking into a dance, swaying back and forth or waving her hands around, a look of sheer bliss coming over her face. This is of course endlessly fascinating and endearing to us. 
I suppose this isn't terribly surprising as papa bear and I are pretty passionate about music ourselves. In fact, music was something we bonded over when we were first dating. We would talk music for hours and hours parked behind the college we were both attending, often missing classes on this account. The only time I doubted our relationship was when he let me borrow his Godspeed You! Black Emperor cd. I'll never forget listening to it in my room alone one night and thinking "I've made a huge mistake" [insert Gob voice]. Fun fact: one time when we got in a fight I threw away the cd in anger. He has yet to forgive me for that one. Apparently the cds are very hard to come by these days... Can I be real though??? It was so bad. I love music as much as the next guy but come on [Gob voice again]!!
And now as we continue to discover and try new music Birdie accompanies us on this journey. It's always fun to see exactly what she reacts to versus the tracks that don't even remotely register with her. All of this got me thinking that it might be rather fun to put together a little playlist of songs that Birdie is enjoying at the moment once a month or so. Something to look back on one day.

Don't Cry - Britney Spears
Goodbye, Goodbye - Tegan & Sara
Forever - HAIM
Taking In Water - Jessie Ware
Lazuli - Beach House
XO - Beyonce
Burn - Ellie Goulding
Shake It Out - Florence + the Machine
Science/Visions - Chvrches
For A Fool - The Shins
Tennis Court - Lorde
Midnight City - M83
Born to Die - Lana Del Rey


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7 notes

  1. Birdie has some good taste in music! ;)

  2. Birdie should try Bastille and the 1975! Maybe you would like it to, considering the jams that she already likes!

    1. Ah! Thank you for the recommendations! We love Bastille but she's a little on the fence about male vocalists ;) xo

  3. Oh my goodness...I love this! I've always said that if I'm ever blessed with children (Lord willing), I will never let them listen to "kiddie" music. I want my kids to listen to the good stuff...and let's be honest, I have no desire to have those annoying made for children (and sung by children) songs stuck in my head! It's a pet-peeve of mine actually. So kudos to you guys as parents! :)

    1. Sounds like we're totally on the same page! I can't stand nursery rhymes and don't believe in making Birdie listen to it. She likes grown people music just fine :). Thanks so much :) xoxo

  4. I love this! My 18 month old Atlas loves grown up music too, his favorites at the moment are Gotye, Avicii and Glee. :)


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