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8:48 AM

cardigan - inis crafts, shirt - madewell, jeans - a&f, boots - target

When it's this cold and you're wearing a coat over everything I prefer to stick to simple outfits that I can put on with my eyes closed. I also need to be warm. Which is where this cardigan comes in. I eyed it at TJ Maxx months ago but wasn't quite willing to put down $60 for it. Finally a few weeks ago my patience paid off when I spotted it on sale for $30. We've been the most bosom of buddies ever since. It's the warmest thing I own and goes with pretty much anything and I think there's just something so lovely about a creamy cable knit and the perfect blue jeans. And so I live in this combination. I switch up the shirt every now and again and throw on my trusty rain boots when I'm feeling lazy but the jeans and cardigan are my staples that I wear practically every day. 

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  1. Love that sweater. It is the perfect basic that goes with everything. It is even better when you get it at a deal!


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