10:48 AM

cardigan - uo, tee - j.crew, jeans - a&f, boots - dr. martens, hair pins - ban.do

Hello friends. It's been terribly cold out and then on top of everything we got a dusting the other day. So outfit photos have been relegated indoors. Actually everyone, myself included, is quite happy about this development - no more freezing our bums off outside! 
By the way I ordered a new pair of jeans and there are two things that are exciting about this pair in particular - a) they're light jeans which I haven't worn in years and it turns out I quite like the look! b) they're a whole size down from what I wore right after having Birdie! It feels so huge!! There's something incredible about a pair of jeans that actually fit right? It's funny I've been wearing jeans that are too big for me for months and I didn't realize that that was the reason I never liked how I looked in any of them! 
Did I mention they were $25?? I kind of refuse to pay more for jeans. I'm very strange. I'll pay any amount of money for a cute sweater or even a blouse but jeans and shoes?? I can't seem to ever pay more than $40. Oh and if you're like me and like your shoes on the cheap but would appreciate some good quality and trendy styles you have to try Shoemint! I have three pairs at this point and I adore them all!*

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