playtime with birdie

8:57 AM

People have told me this is a fun age and oh my goodness were they ever right. There's so much happening, so much excitement in the air over pens, an oven opening and closing and "OH MY GOD DID YOU KNOW HOW EXCITING DVDS ARE???" It has become a nightly ritual of mine now, to crawl around on my knees when the house is dark and quiet fishing dvd cases out from under sofas and beds. Sometimes I'm tired and I'm thinking "not again" and other days my thoughts focus on the chubby little hands that scattered our collection of movies all across the house. I think about just how cautiously and meticulously she's testing out walking. I think about the way she shovels handfuls of avocado in that sweet mouth of hers at lunch time. I think about the way she searches for Belle on our bed every morning and erupts with glee the second she spots our furry friend burrowed somewhere under the covers. The way she giggles while I change her and whines when she can't get her dog out of the crib. The way she likes to share and occasionally (more now than ever before) will gift you some cuddles. 
When I was pregnant and when Birdie was very small, there was so much wondering. Who was this little girl? What would she be like? Look like? Would she be a bit feisty like me or more calm and even keeled like her papa? Would she be melancholy or cheerful? Would she be difficult or "easy"? For months I would watch this tiny little package dressed in white (I didn't bother with anything beyond those white onsies) and just wonder, wonder, wonder...
And then little by little the layers would be peel off and we would say things like "she's so happy/smiley/loud/etc..." Slowly she would reveal her personality to us - independent but fond of affection, needy only in dire situations and just about the most observant person I've ever seen. We still wonder but we're learning more than wondering now. We're learning her favorite foods, songs, toys and that playing ball is incredibly fun. We're also learning not rush her along with anything, Birdie likes to take her time with things and be certain that she can successfully do something before she attempts it. That's why she watches most of the time - watches us do certain things only to reveal weeks later that she can do it just as good as we can all by herself!
When I was pregnant our baby was a ball of ideas and dreams. When she was born she was a mystery and now she is our Birdie - our happy, strong-willed and wondrous little girl. 

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