yellow is my favorite

8:17 AM

hat - target, shirt - madewell, skirt - j.crew, tights - anthro, shoes - shoemint

A lot of yellow happening around these parts lately. Yellow is on my braiiiinnnn. I think it's the janus winter suck that has me focusing on brighter days or colors for that matter. Because technically brighter days are far away, far, far away. All I can get excited about is Florida and that's not for another good six months so. So we're stuck with yellow. 
You may have heard on my instagram that we are proud almost owners of four molars at our house which comes with a hefty price tag of rivers of tears and no sleep for anyone. I will say the slightly faster pace with which she devours her meals is almost, almost worth it. And god bless baby carriers, cheddar bunnies and sesame street. Last week was really tough. We were just sort of figuratively throwing everything we had at poor, sad little Birdie to try and make her happy. 
On Friday night we decided that we had earned ourselves a dinner out, with a teething baby. But! She seemed stable, better than the previous days. I had stuffed cheddar bunnies in every pocket, bag and crevice and we were getting pizza - she loves pizza. So we all got dressed up and headed out. Birdie wore her "fancy" pink coat with a bow (insert heart eye emoji) and I wore what you see above. I'll be honest with you I don't remember the last time I wore "real" heels. Actually, correction it was NYE but then again that was over twenty days ago so I suppose it's nothing to get excited about. Most days our "driveway" is a giant mud pit so unless I plan on changing into nice shoes in the car (who am I kidding???) it's rain boots 99% of the time. So these booties were me getting fancy!
And you know what?? It was NICE. Birdie was happy, the pizza was good and most importantly I didn't have to clean up! It was a family date night win! And there is something to be said for wearing comfortable shoes. Some dates are for tight dresses and shoes that almost break your feet but some are for just letting loose. 

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  1. Yay for family date nights! We haven't gone out in a bit, but I think next week is calling my name. Our son is almost 5 months, so date nights have changed in our house quite a bit! Thanks always for sharing.

  2. Enjoy going out with him now, soon he will be grabbing at everything, attempting to escape the high chair and making the biggest mess you've ever seen. This is the golden time for eating out! :) xo

  3. YOU are my favorite.


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