at the county fair

8:52 AM

The county fair was this past weekend and my, oh, my were we excited! We started our Saturday off in it's usual fashion - trip to the farmer's market followed by a late breakfast at our favorite cafe. Then we headed home because a certain little person needs their nap in order to remain jovial (it worked out well for us to since we needed to change for the fair - namely into boots). 
So clad in boots and a good mood bestowed upon us all we headed out. On the drive there papa bear and I reminisced about how last year it was just the two of us, well sort of, I was very pregnant with the sweet babe that was now babbling away in her car seat. It somehow didn't feel as strange or odd as I thought it would. Birdie fits in so well with us that it feels like she's always been with us, our much better looking and very happy third wheel. 
So! Onto all things fair related! I can proudly report that we had the pleasure of observing and petting some of the most gorgeous cows I have ever laid eyes on. Folks the photos don't even do them justice!! Now mind you these are no "regular" cows, these are blue ribbon winners and the like and man did it show. I swear I could have sat in those pens with them all day. Birdie eventually warmed up to them too. There were also some incredible rabbits, hens and roosters and the pheasants... The pheasants were phenomenal!! Actually I don't think I've ever even seen a pheasant until that day and why anyone would be possessed to shoot something that gorgeous is beyond me but... (I always thought pheasants and shooting parties went together, but what do I know, maybe that's just a Downton Abbey thing?? British thing??? Rich people thing???)
Then, then we found a litter of tiny pigs cuddling. Yep, you read that right but just for kicks I'll write it again: TINY PIGS CUDDLING!!! I stood in front of that pen frozen, not taking a breath for a good ten minutes. It's definitely one of the top ten moments of my life. Yeah, photos are cool, gifs are pretty awesome and there's always the youtube video but y'all when you witness something like this in the flesh... Well you're just never the same. It was like that scene at the end of How The Grinch Stole Christmas when the Grinch's heart grows three or four sizes. Yep, that happened to me that day. Priceless.
Alright, I'm rambling, time to wrap this up. There was also amazing roasted corn, french fries, the best lemonade I've ever had (I remembered their stand from last year and couldn't wait to get more!) and I'm sad embarrassed to say we missed out on the funnel cake. Baby got cranky and sleepy and we had to call it a day. But we had a blast and there's always next year! 

Lesson learned - if you're anywhere near a county fair go!! 

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  1. days at the fair are the best. you guys look so happy and birdie is just adorable! xo

  2. that little photo of her looking up - what a sweetheart!


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