a week's worth of odds & ends

9:13 AM

Haven't done one of these in a while. It's been a busy, productive but good week. The kind of week that makes you feel all mushy about your family and good about your life all the way down into your bones. We worked hard, prayed hard and played hard and it was good.

she is so phenomenal about playing by herself it brings tears to my eyes
I've been putting a lot of trust in my green thumb & bringing lots of plants into the house...
found this darling tablecloth at goodwill & wondered if God put it there just for me?
we finally upgraded our dishes thanks to a fantastic sale at Anthro (yay!!)
once again, getting overly confident about plant life
oh I also found this awesome chalkboard at a thrift store
and drumroll please... Birdie started crawling this week!!!! go baby go!!
plant number four - aloe

Wishing you all a lovely & relaxing weekend!


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