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A sweet reader expecting a babe this December emailed me regarding dressing a bump in the colder months as that was something I had to tackle last year as well. Well, I'll be honest with you it ain't easy. I was incredibly envious of people who were huge in the summer as they could throw on a maxi dress and some flip flops and call it a day. Layering is not your friend when you are six months plus and sweating like a hog at all hours of the day. However, by November of that year I kind of think I started to get a hang of things. I finally invested in a good pair of maternity jeans (lifesaver!!!) and figured out what worked. On that note here is a shopping list of sorts of items that are musts when sporting a bump in the fall and winter:

a good comfortable pair of flat boots
long, loose sweaters to wear with leggings
scarves are definitely your friend
jackets (these don't even have to be maternity, just don't button them)
layer cropped sweaters over longer blouses
maternity tanks, lots of them
a pair of uggs or the like, you're pregnant, your feet are swollen - you're allowed

Now as far as where to shop I would say this:
For sweaters and the like I stuck to Old Navy or Target since you can get them for cheap in the event that you'll be getting rid of them after your pregnancy.
Brands like More of Me Maternity and Isabella Oliver made me feel pretty. However, the price tags will make you cry. I would scour sites like Gilt that almost always had them on sale (50% off or more).*

All of the items I talked about are links so feel free to click on them and you will be navigated to the site in case you're interested in purchasing.

*The Gilt link is a referral link. It would be real swell if you chose to use it! Kisses to you!!

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