summer of 2013

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Perhaps it's the overabundance of cool days we've been having. Perhaps it's the fact that I've been hearing crows more often than the chirping of the kinglets. Or maybe it's the sight of scarves and felt hats (I must admit I've already purchased one... or two) lining the aisles of stores but I can't shake the feeling that summer is on it's way out. The trees are sagging from the weight of the foliage that exploded back in May and the corn husks are heavy and waiting to be harvested. Berries are hard to find at the market and nearly early table is overflowing with corn. The tippy tops of grass and bushes have been dipped in yellow and an especially cool gust of wind is a reminder that autumn is right around the corner. 
It's been a good summer, no, great summer. I expected to have a wonderful time enjoying summer with this plump little babe of ours. I didn't expect to have the best summer of my life. Looking back over all the photos we accumulated over the last three months or so brought back all those memories - her giggles in the pool in Florida, the way she loved pulling up the grass on picnics and feeling the leaves with her tiny fingers, her joyful frolicking in the sand and the way she oohed as the ocean waves crashed over her chunky legs. I remember when we gave her ice cream for the first time and she cried when I took it away. There were so many firsts this summer too - first sand castle, first ride on a swing, first bite of real food.... first SUMMER. 
I don't think I'll ever forget this summer with Birdie. 
Soon we'll relegate our AC units back to the shed. I'll fill Birdie's drawers with the jackets and sweaters I've been stockpiling for her and put away the swimsuits and sun hats. I'll pull my my wool socks and chunky cable knit sweaters out of storage and boots will replace the sandals that now litter the front door. Grocery stores will fill giant boxes full of pumpkins and the crockpot will again be in heavy rotation at our house. We'll open the windows on cold rainy mornings and let the autumnal air flow through the house and the raindrops serenade us with their song. 
Summer was perfect but now I just can't wait to experience fall with our baby!

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  1. she's such a sweetheart in these photos - so fun to be experiencing the seasons with her the first time. i personally love summer - when i swipe my monthly metrocard it says it expires in sept and i'm like what?! sept is almost here?! but fall is good too...i'm just a summer girl at heart.

  2. Aww :) thank you Colleen! It's been wonderful! I too can't believe it's almost over!

  3. This was such a nice post! I had my first child (daughter) on Dec 6 2012, so she is about the same age as your daughter and I love reading your blog as we are going through a lot of the same things that you are going through and you always describe them so eloquently and with beautiful pictures. I actually started a blog too but it's not nearly as nice as this one. :) So thanks for sharing.


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