side braid + bun tutorial

9:16 AM

Somebody asked me to share how I put together this hairstyle a while back and well, I finally got around to it! I'm not going to bore you with a creative writing experiment on hair, instead I'll just get right to it!

There are some supplies you will need (including day old hair):

As I mentioned start with day old hair, I've heard from multiple hairstylists that that's what works best for hairdos of any kind. Second, part your hair hair as far down on one side as you can and brush it out.

Next begin french braiding your hair on one side all the way down. 

You want to start out as close to your forehead as possible but halfway down begin to braid back as you will be pulling the braid back there for the finished look.

You should end up with something that looks like this on one side. It doesn't have to look perfect, in fact I think the messier the better! Secure the braid with a clear elastic.

Next make a ponytail in the back connecting the braid and the unbraided part of your hair. Remove the elastic from the braid and brush out the ponytail. Now take your "bun maker" and use the directions on the box to create the bun.

I simply used the three pins supplied with the bun maker to pin the bun in place. It should look something like this.

It really is not that hard once you get a hang of french braiding and that nifty bun maker. It takes a few tries though so don't be disappointed if the first time doesn't quite turn out how you hoped.

It's one of my favorite hairstyles for when my hair just looks like crap down. Braid it, pop it in the bun maker et voila! Good hair day!

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  1. This is way fun. I throw my hair in a bun almost every day so this is a great alternative. Beautious!

    1. Thanks Anna! So glad you liked it! That bun maker is a lifesaver :) xo

  2. I NEED to find a bun maker. Yeesh! You make it look so so EASY. I always have my hair in a bun, not this cute mind you, but..lordy lady ;)

    1. Aww! Thanks so much!! I got it at CVS but I've seen it everywhere. xo


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