a week's worth of odds + ends

11:52 AM

I believe we finally made it to Friday!! And ain't that just grand?! This week has been... messy. We're changing up our diet yet again and that has meant cooking meals at home three times a day which means mounds of crusty dishes in the sink, crumbs littering the floor and growing into tiny piles in the corners, tired feet and yummy-in-my-tummy suppers, lunches and occasionally breakfasts. It's a lot of work but every time we sit down to enjoy the fruits of our labor we can't help but let out a long "mmmmm...." I also feel like I've been juggling fifty different things this week and some of it is falling through the cracks here and there - like the laundry (or to be honest just clothes in general, for example papa bear asked me this morning why new clothes with tags on them were laying in the pile together with dirty clothes, I predictably had no answer), toy cleanup (Belle's toys and Birdie's toys are becoming more and more enmeshed) and random little chores. Like I'll sit up in bed right as I'm falling asleep and go "crap I was supposed to do that today!!" more times than I would like to admit. 
But it's all good in the end. Today we clean. We wash. We vacuum. We'll have a nice dinner. And tomorrow we head out to the county fair where we'll introduce Birdie to rabbits, chickens, horses and piggies for the first time. I'm probably terribly over exaggerating her excitement in my mind, or perhaps I'm just projecting my own glee onto her (who doesn't get excited at the thought of getting to hold bunnies????) but I'm sure we'll have a swell time. Oh my gosh and I just remembered funnel cake, funnel caaaaaaaaaaake!!! Is there anything better in this whole wide world??? With cherry topping... 
Excuse me while I go mop up my drool.

haul from the farm stand yesterday // my favorite new tea available at target! (it smells like a spa) // we've got a crawler and ain't that a scary thing (mama's of crawling babies you know what I mean) // a well stocked cereal bar is one of life's secrets to happiness I swear // we're reading to Birdie now at bedtime which has made bedtime SO MUCH FUN // not a week after a kind soul suggested we lower her crib we had to because little baby hercules was pulling herself up on her own! // baby shoes waiting for autumn* // I found the best buttermilk waffle recipe ever // as Birdie's enjoyment and appetite for real food grows her desire for formula dwindles and we've been using the smaller bottles more and more

*I got the infamous moccs on a big, big sale so I hope you don't think I'm so horrid for buying them. I also tend to generally spend more money on Birdie's clothes than my own. No idea why. I'm a weirdo like that. I suppose it must be what I told my mum the other day "she looks better in everything than I do anyway."

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  1. Haha, I love that you called them "the infamous moccs". I always wonder about those things, but they are definitely super cute.

  2. I just couldn't help myself :) they are sooo cute!

  3. You are now a mommy, how exciting!!! Congratulations, she is just beautiful! My younger sister just had her first baby, a little boy, last month...such a lovely thing in life! Enjoy each moment, just as you are! :)

    1. Thank you so much Liesl!! So glad you found me again! And congrats to your sister! xo

  4. the tiny sparkle shoes! i die. simply the best.


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