A good time

11:35 AM

The past few weeks have really been kicking our butts. Little sleep, hectic schedules and all those random little stresses that more often than not seem to pile on at once. So on Saturday we packed up the car, headed to the farmer's market where we filled our picnic basket full of cheese, sausage and all kinds of goodness and then we just drove. We drove through rolling hills with black and white cows sunning themselves on the lush green grass. We drove over rivers and tiny forgotten towns. We drove past wineries and farms. And we drove and drove until we saw a brown road sign for "natural chimneys." We didn't have the slightest clue as to what they were but it sounded interesting and we had nowhere else to be so why not? We followed the signs until we came upon a sweet little park with... natural chimneys. I must admit when you finally see them they're quite impressive! So we spread out a blanket, put on a little Michael Buble and spread some goat cheese on our bread. It was all terribly gluteny and terribly delicious. And all kinds of wonderful. V fell asleep and we talked and ate until the breeze wasn't so warm anymore and the sun wasn't blinding. So we packed up and headed home feeling like new people.
As parents of a baby I've learned that although at least four hours of uninterrupted sleep would be nice but sometimes a good old picnic with some great food, lots of laughter and fresh air is just as good. It was exactly the kind of relaxing day we needed in order to feel like ourselves again. 
Today it's Monday and it's back to sink fulls of bottles, dirty doggy paws all over my freshly swiffered floors, extra long to do lists, more laundry (always more laundry) and counting down the hours until papa comes home (can it be six already???).
Hang in there folks!!

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  1. Oh my goodness I love Love LOVE this post! First off, It makes me yearn for a great picnic with terribly delicious goat cheese and bread (I love picnics), but what I love more is your spirit of adventure. I am a firm believer in turning off roads to find undiscovered pockets. We can find adventure anywhere! This was a great reminder and sounds lovely. (www.blairsays.com)

    1. Thank you so much! Picnics are definitely the best!! xo

  2. I remember so well those long ago days when I'd watch my husband's car drive off to work and I was left for a looooong day with a baby who napped only in tiny bursts during the day! It will get easier... I know it feels like it won't but pretty soon your baby will be having a long day sleep or two and one day she WILL sleep all night.
    Meanwhile, do keep having picnics and walks and when she sleeps sit and have cup of tea and forget the washing.
    love seeing your little family and your baby growing so fast x

    1. Thank you darling!! Reading this made my day :) xoxo


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