Horses, pigs & chickens! Oh my!

7:23 AM

Birdie with her new bff
just look at this cutie pie!!
this guy was not having it
This past Friday we took Birdie to papa's work to introduce her to his work family (that happens to include a wide variety of farm animals). We showed her the school house where papa imparts knowledge on little and big boys and girls. We showed her where he chops wood to heat the said school house and we showed her the chickens he feeds. She was so fascinated by it all. Her eyes were as big as saucers as she took it all in. 
I'm not a very jealous person but I always become green with envy when I visit papa bear's work. I can't believe he gets to frolic/work on this land every day. The views are breathtaking, nothing but rolling hills and thick forests any direction that your eyes go. And the animals! The pigs had babies and we happened upon them right at nursing time! Those poor piggy mamas... it did not look like fun let me tell you that. I mean can you even imagine feeding not one or two babies but a dozen all at the same time?! Yikes! 
We also stopped by to pet the horses, which are my favorite. I've gotten to ride one of them and they're just so sweet. As a matter of fact I think Birdie came away from that stable with a new friend. She definitely shared a moment with one of the mares and it was just about the cutest thing I've ever seen. 
It turned out to be a pretty special afternoon - the weather was gorgeous and I loved watching papa bear introduce our baby girl to the farm. I can't wait until the day that she can run around there and get to pet the baby piggies - they are oh so soft!! We just really love this place and the way it changed our life two years ago. 

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  1. what a cool and interesting job your husband has - i feel like i'm reading about little house on the prairie! and nursing 12 babies...yikes. never had kids and nursing one seems like quite the chore. (also, i grew up riding horses in VA and loved it beyond belief so I hope V gets to experience the same thing in her childhood!)

  2. Haha!! That's the best compliment ever! I've always hoped my life would turn out like Little House on the Praire :). Riding horses is THE BEST THING EVER!! xoxo


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