Our first Easter as a family of three

10:27 AM

We awoke to a cloudy and gloomy Easter morning this past weekend. But there was a lovely little Easter dress to be worn and a sweet little Birdie all wide eyed and smiley wanting to wear it. So rain be damned we got all gussied up and hopped in the car. We drove through our beloved and shockingly quiet city. Closer to Woodley Park we saw girls in frilly dresses emerge and hop along the pavement followed by mum's and dad's dressed to the nines. The cathedral was buzzing with people - children, elderly couples, babies and a few tourists thrown in for good measure. 
Inside the stone walls was a different feeling altogether. A hush. And then the sound of the choir rising to their feet in unison. The stained glass windows glowed and voices rose in harmony to the very top of the arched ceiling. 
And there I sat, with my husband, holding my little girl on my lap. Never since her birth had I felt more strongly that life truly had come full circle. Church is and was such a big part of my life growing up, papa's too. Some of my earliest memories are being on someone's lap during a service. I remember looking around at couples with babies and wondering how it must feel to be a grown up, to have a family. I'm that grown up now. And if the six year old me is still curious I would tell her it's absolutely wonderful. I would tell her that holding my baby in my arms as the choir sang, the reverend preached and as we bowed our heads to pray felt like the biggest blessing. I would tell her I felt humbled that God granted me this child and gave me the opportunity to care for, protect, love and grow this little person.
Our faith has been so important to our life as individuals and as a couple. I hope that Valentina will see in us the same virtues I saw in my parents growing up and learned to respect and admire. I hope that above anything she sees that her parent's faith leads them to be kind, forgiving, loving, accepting and joyful. 
The reverend spoke on God's unfailing love for us and I know that before we can accept that God never gives up on us and never leaves us we must learn that our parents will do the same. I hope that even as a baby Valentina knows and feels our deep commitment and love for her. 
I hope all of you had a lovely Easter!

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  1. i remember that feeling - what is it like to be a grown up! i'm glad you had such a sweet easter with your little family!

    1. Thanks so much Colleen! Yours looked pretty awesome too :) xo

  2. So beautiful! I love what you said "...she sees that her parent's faith leads them to be kind, forgiving, loving, accepting and joyful" That's exactly how I feel as well. Happy belated Easter!

    1. Thank you Jodi!! It's what we strive for in this family every day. Happy Belated Easter to you too! xo


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