39 weeks

9:57 AM

No baby yet. So instead I give you baby & I at 39 weeks.
Also, we are trying every cooky idea out there to get this baby out. 
Still haven't tried the castor oil... we'll see how I feel about that by the end of the week...

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  1. You are just glowing, mama to be! I've been thinking about you this week. Just remember that everything will happen when it is supposed to. In the meantime, watch Little Women and put your feet up. :)

  2. Girl I have to know where that giant Pom Pom has come from! I neeeeed!

  3. you look great - and nice and warm! recently discovered your blog and am from virginia but live in nyc, excited to follow alonf.

  4. That pom on the top of your head is stinking adorable. Sending lots of good thoughts your way - I don't want you to have to resort to caster oild. ; )

  5. You know.. I don't remember looking so cute at 39 weeks.. :) You look beautiful and your baby will come! When I was feeling restless around 41 weeks my midwife reminded me that babies are much easier to take care of inside than outside. And while I REALLY wanted to meet my baby it did give me a little peace. Go easy on yourself and your body...it was made to do this and when your baby and body are ready it will all come together. Good luck! I'm keeping you guys in my thoughts!

  6. Castor oil can be soooo dangerous, please don't take it!
    Your baby will come when s/he is good and ready.

  7. You guys are seriously so amazing. Thank you so much for your kindness, it really does mean a lot to me. It makes me want to give all of you the biggest hug!! :) And don't worry I was just joking about the castor oil :).

    P.S. The hat is from a little shop in Canada called Stepcat (www.stepcat.ca) They have the most amazing stuff!

  8. So, so, cute and so, so happy for you!!! :) :) :)

  9. love love the Stepcat bobble hat beanie on you too! :)

    and congrats on 39 weeks - it's getting close!!



  10. Helen - Thank you so much! I'm so glad I got it! It instantly became my favorite! Congrats to you as well! :) xo


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