Thoughts on a mellow new years eve...

10:34 PM

It's only 11 and yet I'm already in bed, in my robe next to my babe that's sleeping soundly. Not quite the most rockin' NYE but it feels so good, so right. I suppose you can say we're officially adults since we can't even seem to stay awake to ring in the new year. As my dad said at dinner tonight "I will be more than happy to ring it in in bed tomorrow morning." Touche. 

As I think back upon this year there are dozens of memories that flood my mind - trips, birthdays, vacations, announcements, parties, changes, news (good & bad), special moments and big moments... But when it comes down to it what I am most grateful for is not any event, instead it's a place: home. 
Home is my people. Home is the cozy roof over our heads that we've come to love so much. Home is pushing our stroller through snow because the road iced too much for any car to drive through it (true story, happened just last week & there's photo evidence above). Home is baking gingerbread cookies with papa bear at 2:30 in the morning because that's when we finally got Valentina to sleep. Home is where we grew so much as a couple, as homeowners, as individuals and where we will continue to grow as parents. 
It's a crazy life here sometimes but it's our life and I love it so. 

2012 overwhelmed us with it's beauty & I can't wait to see what 2013 has in store for us!
Wishing all of you a Happy New Year!
P.S. Let me know how the fireworks were! 

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  1. I got married this year and while there won't be any babies around for a while I already feel the same way. Home is where my heart is. We spent last night in our little studio, watching the fireworks at midnight, kissing and then calling it a night. I wouldn't have spent the night any other way if I could. Happy New Year to you and congrats on the birth of your daughter!

  2. happy new year lady! home is such a beautiful thing, and you make it sound wonderful. have a wonderful and full year with valentina!

  3. Spent the evening with The Fellowship of the Ring and a bottle of red wine. Gandalf's fireworks are the best.

  4. @Jo - That sounds so lovely! Finding home again as an adult is the best feeling ever! Thank you so much for your kind words! xo

    @colleen - Happy new year to you too!! Thank you so much for your well wishes, sending you the same! xo

    @adeline - Ah!! Sounds perfect! I agree ;) Happy new year to you darling!! xo

  5. You look adorable in that picture! I want your hat! :)


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