The waiting game

2:03 PM

Still here guys. Still pregnant.
If someone were to chart our emotions from these past couple of days it would look like a complete bell curve. We've been excited, disappointed, angry, happy, tired, etc...
By the end of the week though we both made peace with the fact that this simply happens to be our journey to birth. The baby is running the show and he or she will come into this world when he/she is good and ready, even if that does mean playing games every once in a while. We've learned to ignore the contractions as much as physically possible and we've stopped making predictions. At the end of the day this baby will come out sooner or later. 
I woke up super depressed on Friday and cried into papa bear's shoulder. He comforted me by reminding me how incredibly blessed we are to have this baby and how much we prayed and hoped for this little one (I am one lucky, lucky gal to have a husby like papa bear). I think that changed everything for me right there. 
My mama and papa drove up yesterday to spend the weekend with us. They've been distracting us with tales from their house and mama is making her legendary chicken noodle soup for lunch. We went for a walk this morning and just have been having a wonderful time together. 
We're all anxious but we're trying to keep our mind off counting, predicting or hoping. 
And hey these are the last few days I will ever be pregnant for the first time. Baby bear and I will never be as close again as we are now. And there's something to be said for all that. So I want to cherish that and remind myself how beautiful this whole process has been. 
So that's where we are now. 
I also want to thank all you that have emailed, commented and supported me these past couple of days. I have been so touched by your kindness. I am grateful I can share our journey with you. 

Hope all of you are having a lovely weekend!


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  1. Ah dear, I'm holding my breath for you too. <3 I can't wait to hear/see all about the wee one & your happy face. I know it can be annoying to wait, but you have it right, you'll never get this part of your life back. :)

  2. hope your weekend went well, and mostly hope you're not in too much pain with all the waiting and random contractions. good luck with everything!

  3. Hang in there. Your little blessing will be here before you know it.


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