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I was recently inspired by this post from Jen about Christmas
Part of my attraction to the idea behind paring down Christmas, so to speak, was of course the obvious - it feels like Christmas gets crazier every year. Part of it was the desire to start our Christmas traditions on the right foot now that we will have a child in our family. And lastly, part of the attraction simply came from practicality - I am well aware that picking, shopping and wrapping gifts with a newborn at home was going to be a challenge this year. So I figured why not try something different?!
And so we decided to follow the "something you want, wear, need and read" rule that Jen created for her family. It's so simple but still gives you freedom and the opportunity for some gifts that will be just indulgences. 
Now don't get too excited, I have not every remotely started shopping even for these gifts but I did put together a few wish lists for our family that I would love to share with you!
And because I believe there can never be too many good ideas I'd love to hear what, if anything, you and your family are doing to simplify Christmas this year!

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  1. I love that rule and it's one I'd like to establish in my own family. I don't have much say over how E's Christmas goes, elsewhere - he has his mom and multiple sets of grandparents who may not take the same approach.

    This year, we're basically buying one gift per immediate family member, and we're not yet sure what we're doing for each other - possibly buying something for the house! I am trying to get everything done but am realizing just how late of a start I got. Whoopsie!

  2. I've always loved that post from Jen, and think we would do the something similar when we have kids.

    We've even toyed with only buying one gift per extended family member, but not buying anything for each other. We already have birthdays and Valentine's day, our anniversary to give and receive gifts. (And my poor husband's birthday is Dec. 30, so it's never celebrated fully by friends, which always makes me sad for him.)

    The older I get, the more I want to remember the deep meaning behind Christmas, celebrate traditions, spend time with family, but ultimately, reflect on the coming of Christ. Gifts just seem to get in the way of that.

  3. My family is the easiest to shop for. Everyone loves gift certificates. There are some people in my life who do not want presents. In this cases I give them a gag gift. It is always a big hit.

    As an adult, we have adopted a the one big gift rule. Every year I want the same thing, a membership to the gym. It may not be a "surprise" but its a gift I want/need.

  4. Hi,
    this year we are also trying to buy as little as possible. We wrote a wish list to Santa with our kids, each of us only naming one wish. Our daughter is 3 and she only wishes for a "suitcase to pull" (trolley) so that she can go on trips. :-) Last year was horrible: everyone was drowning in a huge pile of gifts and wrapper and the poor kid was totally overstrained. She unwrapped one, was happy and wanted to play with it, but then was urged by others to go on unwrapping "their gift". In the end, there was just too much, and I didn´t even know, who gave what. My husband was so put off by this also, that we decided, this year has to be different.
    That is easier said than done, considering the rest of the family (grandparents just love to surprise the grandchildren, and they do not always respect our plans...).
    My parents are on the unimaginative side and besides giving just money to us, always purchase something useless and not even pretty just to "have something to unwrap". This year I tried to talk them into keeping the money and invest into food and goodies for the holidays, as we are staying at their house for several days. Being together and having a good time with good food, that is what counts.
    On the holidays, we love just hanging around and love watching movies. Here is our top 3 list of Christmas movies:
    1. Love actually
    2. The Muppets Christmas Carol
    3. Three wishes for Cinderella
    My husband also loves "Little Lord Fauntleroy". ;-)
    Now, this has become a long comment. Hope, it didn´t bore you. Thought, I give you some distraction while you are waiting for baby to come!

  5. Loving your decorations, and yes, it does seem the holidays get crazier and crazier! Lovely to be catching back up on your blog!!! Hope you have been well...congratulations on the little one you are both expecting, too! So exciting!!! :)


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