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We've gone on a camping trip every year for the last three years but this year it seemed like it just wasn't going to happen. Between moving and being late to the campsite booking game it looked like it just wasn't in the cards. But life had other plans...
We were supposed to be at a cabin this weekend but it turned out I got the date wrong and at 11:30 pm on Friday we were faced with telling the kids we weren't going to the cabin the next morning. They had been looking forward to it all week and went to bed dreaming of a "camp fire." We just couldn't break their hearts like that and by 12:30 am we miraculously had a campsite reservation and plans to head to the mountains the next morning. 
The kids were thrilled of course, they would take camping over anything so after packing up the car we headed north for one hour until we drove into the most magical autumn fairy tale! We had never been to this park before and had no idea of what to expect and it's beauty just blew us away! I never understand these foliage maps but to my eyes it sure looked like peak fall here. 
We got the tent up pretty quickly and enjoyed hot dogs and baked beans for our dinner followed by s'mores quickly snatched up with sticky hands. Once the kids were in bed (they never sleep better than in a tent) Kevin and I enjoyed many hours of conversation by the fire before a light rain began to drizzle. 
It sure wasn't the ideal weekend to go camping as rain was in the forecast but it actually made for a gorgeous and misty morning. It came down pretty hard all night but let up by the morning and allowed us to enjoy and nice breakfast and get all packed up before starting up again. Right before leaving the park we squeezed in a quick little hike and it the views were unbelievable. I stood at the edge of the hike for a few minutes before leaving jut taking it all in. The sounds, the sights, the smells... There's nothing like the woods in all their autumnal glory. As Birdie said "I wish I could live here forever." Me too sweet girl, me too. 

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