halloween 2017

4:01 PM

This was the first halloween when both kids wanted to pick out their own costumes. Birdie is still enthralled with all things Beauty and the Beast after seeing the movie earlier this year. She wanted the "blue dress" so I found the apron and bow for her on Etsy. The shoes and tights we had on hand and she was very pleased that the shoes were true "Belle shoes." She loved the costume so much and told every person we met that "I'm princess Belle!!" I kind of love that we can re-purpose the apron for future pretend play. Total win win!
As for Teddy he has a one track mind. He spotted this "builder cossume" at Target and would not entertain any other options. He also would not wear the hard hat. Or carry a bucket. Or not be a turd about taking photos but hey! Look at him!! Totally a "builder." I can also proudly report that his diet that day was decidedly 98% candy. That's what it's all about though right?

And here they are together. Beauty and her... builder? We'll take it! 

And one more because this stoop and this girl! Magic!! We truly had the best time with these two! Perhaps next year we'll be put together enough to pull off a family costume. But this was good too!

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