parachute pants + genies in bottles

9:54 AM

sunnies - warby parker, top & pants - anthro, clutch & shoes - target, bracelet - juicy

Let's be real - it's hard to feel pretty while pregnant and sexy? Well that is right out. But sometimes, for once, you want to pick aesthetics over comfort and for me that was our anniversary date this past weekend. Just this time I didn't want to wear a tent on top of my trusty maternity leggings. And wouldn't you know Anthro delivered and from the sale section!! Double score! I put the top on and instantly felt all princessy and like like just maybe I should get even curl my hair?!! And god bless non-maternity pants with stretchy waistbands! 
This outfit was a little different from my usual standby of stripes and black and white and it may verge a little bit on Christina Aguilera circa the "Genie in a Bottle" video (not gonna lie I totally made my mum buy me a pair of orange parachute pants thanks to that video) but it was SO fun! Now I'm trying to find a way to make every top in my closet work with these pants. 
And can I just say how nice it feels to have something new to wear for once?? I've been wearing the same three dresses and tops for months now. Obviously there's no point in buying maternity clothes now so that just translates into me not buying clothes period. Saves money but it's kind of boring at times. In case this isn't clear - I spend every waking minute daydreaming of all my NON- maternity outfits that I can wear come October. Oh to wear something with a waist...

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6 notes

  1. Very cute! Those colours really do something for you.

  2. Really love this top--miss Anthropologie so much!

    1. Thank you! Anthropologie is such a dangerous place for me :)

  3. Such great colours on you! And I can't believe that clutch is from Target! Hope you had fun on your date!
    <3 Kastles


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