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I've probably been making a variation of this sandwich for years but just recently decided to give it a little makeover by switching out some ingredients in favor of healthier ones. I use sprouted bread instead of regular white bread (I recently discovered the brand you see below and it is incredibly delicious!), something like arugula or baby kale instead of lettuce, vegenaise instead of mayo and lastly I'm pretty much a slave to Applegate products at this point.
So it's pretty simple really (I know you're thinking DUH it's a sandwich!!) but just in case here is what I do:

Spread vegenaise on bread, add some cracked pepper, layer red onion and tomatoes, sprinkle a little salt on the tomatoes, put a slice of cheese on one side and the meat on the other and pop in the oven for five to ten minutes (temperatures between 375 and 400 work well). Take out the slices and put the arugula on top, slice and devour! 
If you're in a pinch you can always just toast the bread and follow all the same steps. It's just extra yummy if you can give the cheese a chance to melt.
I hate "cooking" for myself so this sandwich ensures that I still eat a good lunch (read - not a handful of chips and m&m's) and it doesn't take too long and doesn't create too big of a mess. 

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