fall picks for a baby boy

10:30 AM

I've been working on a wardrobe for baby boy since before Birdie was born. Since we didn't find out the sex during my first pregnancy I stocked up mainly on neutrals but bought a few things for a boy and a girl. Good thing I kept the boy things because well... here we are! However, now that we know when he will be joining our family I've started to slowly compile a seasonally appropriate wardrobe for him. I've been stocking up on cozy soft sweaters and tiny little hats. Of course for the first week he's going to be wearing nothing but white onsies (I learned that lesson with Birdie) but in the weeks and months after, as he starts to plump up, I've been finding cute things for him to sport (for the two minutes when he won't be swaddled or covered in spit up). 
I know I'm always looking for unique things (read - boy clothes that aren't covered in footballs, baseballs, or just a variation of blue) so I thought I would share some really adorable things I've come across. The price ranges are varied as are the stores (everything from Etsy to a British children's clothing store, which ships quite fast I might add!). 

P.S. If you've come across any unique shops or Etsy sellers please do share! I'm always looking for more! 

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  1. Is it weird that i'm sort of wishing the bear sweater came in my size?

  2. super cute stuff! I think dressing boys is so much fun! I love alpine baby co http://www.alpinebabyco.com

    1. Yes!! And thank you so much for the recommendation! Incredibly adorable stuff!! xo

  3. I love the white onesie phase so much. We still dress Cecily in a Gerber white onesie for bed, and it's still one of my favorite things to see her in!


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