the perfect cup of tea

8:54 AM

Good morning! We're buried under practically a foot of snow today (I don't even know...) so I suppose it's fitting to share my "recipe" for the perfect cup of tea as you can believe I'll be downing multiple cups of this today. 
I don't know about you but for years now I've been trying to track down the perfect jasmine tea. You know that one that you've had at a great Chinese restaurant but can never seem to replicate with a box of store bought tea? Well I definitely have been trying to track down this ever elusive tea and I think I finally found it! I've been a touch obsessed with Harney & Sons tea as of late and when I saw the packaging on this box I knew there was no way I could resist it. Then on top of everything it turns out to be utter perfection! 
I also like my tea sweetened just a bit and a tea this good deserves a sweetener just as delicious. Bee Raw honey is definitely a "treat" but it's absolutely worth the price, I mean it pretty much tastes like gold. Then throw in a few Trader Joe's mini biscotti's and you've got yourself a very lovely snack!
Just something I've really been enjoying and wanted to share!

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