short stripes

1:02 PM

necklace - target, shirt - petite bateau, purse - kate spade, shorts - thrifted, shoes - target

I've kind of been getting back on the thrifting train. I suppose it's partly due to the fact that nothing at a regular store has excited me in a while. I've been finding all kinds of little gems from things for Birdie and myself to knick knacks for around the house. I took a break from it last year when my obsession started to get a little out of control (I had a big problem with saying no to china and our kitchen cabinets were bursting at the seams). I'm being more selective now and buying things that are truly unique and that I think will enhance our home. 
So last week I came across these hand sewn shorts at Goodwill that were just my size! I could hardly believe it! The print caught my eye immediately and the cut was exactly what I had been looking for. 
So in essence yay to thrifting and amazing finds!!

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