perfect but a size too big

8:57 AM

dress - anthro (thrifted), bracelets - madewell, shoes - saltwater

So I actually first spotted this dress at Anthro last summer. It had all the elements of what I love in a dress except for... the price. I hoped it would go on sale but it was one of those elusive rare birds that never did make it to the sale rack. And so it remained only a dream. 
Then a few weeks ago while browsing a thrift store I spotted it from across the room. I practically ran to the dress aisle to grab it and place it safely in my cart. I did notice that it looked a little big but really, I didn't care. 
When I got home I washed and tried it on. It was too big. But I wasn't going to be stopped. I pulled out my sewing machine, pins and thread and got to work. All it needed it turned out, was to be taken in on the sides just a bit. No big deal. And that's how a dress that was too big turned out to be perfect just for me! And in case you were wondering I really do live in it now :).

P.S. I'm putting together a little faq page this week and just wanted to see if there are any questions you would like for me to include and answer there? Thank you in advance!! xo

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