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hat - target, jacket - j.crew, dress - target, socks - uo, shoes - hasbeens, purse - kate spade

So guys, I have a confession to make... I'm going back. Back to me, back to what feels comfortable, back to what feels right. You see I went and kind of cheated on my style this year... I suppose I was looking to get my sexy back after having a baby (cause let me tell ya there ain't nothing sexy about postpartum/living in pajamas/wearing adult diapers for weeks on end) and I thought that perhaps the hipster-skinny jean-leather jacket trend was my ticket there. It seemed like the most anti-mummy wardrobe and I thought I could make it work. And for a while I think I did. This love affair was all hot and heavy at first - I couldn't get my fill of spikes, leather and ripped up jeans. And then the awkward silences started. And then they would go on for hours. We started to spend a lot of time apart. I would lose shirts and pants and I wouldn't even miss them... 
And then it happened. I was shopping at Target, online, and guys I found my one true love again! I filled my basket to the brim with cat print dresses and peter pan blouses. And then I remembered about my pink mouse print shirt [insert cat with hearts for eyes emoji here] and I marched straight to my closet to reunite and have some cuddle time with one of my favorite shirts. It felt so good to be back. I apologized to all my pretty dresses and blouses and before I knew it I was making an appointment with my hairstylist to get bangs again (it's really happening and I'm really scared!!). 
The truth is I learned I'm just not lanky or edgy or "modely" enough for the trendy hipster look. But more than anything it's just not me. For crying out loud I've ruined my beautiful dvd set of BBC's Pride & Prejudice from watching it too many times while sewing pillow cases or baking pies, I sing along to my Andrew Lloyd Webber cd's out loud in the car, I bought "fashion glasses" before I actually needed glasses and I own over five copies of the following books - Anne of Green Gables, The Great Gatsby, Anna Karenina and every book by Jane Austen (I go weak in the knees for good book covers, especially book covers of my favorite books) . It's time I admit that I've always been a nerd, I am a nerd and I'll probably always be a nerd. I will always swoon over a peter pan collar, twirly dress and bright lipstick. We have a saying in Russia about a person "ona v svoei torelki," translated: "she is in her bowl." Essentially when someone is in "their bowl" it's where they're most comfortable and themselves. Well it's time I admit that my bowl if full of cat prints, polka dots, dresses, heels, lipstick and bows. 

That feels sooooooo good to say!! 

I can't wait to get into fall and buy all the pretty cardigans, candy colored sweaters, printed dresses and chocolaty boots!

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