good morning!!

9:05 AM

Good morning folks!! It's Friday morning which means play time around these parts. I'm not much of a morning person but Birdie is slowly but surely turning me into one. How can I possibly sleep when there's a smiling, delicious and giggly baby to play with?? We're really into new experiences right now - discovering new toys, experiencing the pure ecstasy that comes from one's first ride in the laundry bin and perfecting one's jump in a very bouncy bouncer. We also grew two bottom teeth, almost overnight, which makes her grin even more ridiculous and darling. We're sleeping through the night and grown quite close to Andiamo the dog (can't sleep without it as a matter of fact).  
In a few minutes we'll probably make our way to the kitchen, Birdie still in her jam-jams and me still in my robe. I'll whip her up a peach and banana smoothie (her favorite) and make a pot of coffee for papa bear and I. The sun will inevitably start peeking through the thick foliage that surrounds our little cabin and perhaps we'll put a record on (current favorites are Vampire Weekend and Frank Sinatra). We'll tell Birdie about our plans for the day in between spoonfuls of her smoothie. 
Then we'll lay out her blanket in the living room and pour out her basket of toys. She'll play and we'll work. And so begins another day...

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