Weekend of 8.24.12

9:25 AM

This weekend was the last one before the school year starts and I head into the third trimester (aka right before things get really crazy). So we decided to be terribly lazy and just do a whole lot of nothing. It rained almost every day and we brought out blankets, put on some new records and settled in on the sofa. On Saturday night we did venture out for our belated anniversary dinner. We had the best time at one of the restaurants at Skyland resort. The place had practically 360 degree views of the mountains and I ordered an embarrassingly large chocolate cake as my dessert. 
I also cooked a lot this weekend. I don't have as much energy as I used to these days so I take advantage of any bursts that I may encounter. I made my mum's pelmeni on Friday and Sunday for lunch I made a creamy mushroom soup. And then wouldn't you know I spotted the most darling toadstool right in our yard a few hours later! 
I'm a little sad to bid farewell to our summer routine but autumn is in the air and there's a lot to look forward to in the coming months so I suppose it evens out in the end. 
Here's to a successful new school year!

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4 notes

  1. love those photos of the misty woods. have a great week!


  2. So beautiful! Every time you post picture it makes me more jealous of where you guys live! And that toadstool!! I haven't seen one since Russia! Looks like an amazing weekend! Good luck to Kevin with school this year! Love you guys!

  3. Love all of these shots. That restaurant looks amazing and that soup looks so tasty.

  4. Sara Grace - Thank you so much! You too my dear!

    Dasha - Aww! Thank you! I know me too! I love those! It was such a pleasant surprise! Thank you, I will pass it on to Kevin and the same to you sweetie! Love you lots!

    Jeanine - Thank you so much! The soup turned out quite good even though I just made up the recipe :)


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