25 weeks

10:51 AM

It's been somewhat surreal to realize how much time has flown by since we found out we were expecting. That day in April seems like yesterday and yet here we are six months later closer than ever to the due date. My weight gain is finally picking up which I'm quite happy about, though I must note that being at the cabin for most of the working day without a car often makes it difficult to eat on demand; especially if I'm craving something that's not in the house. The negatives have been the loss of sleep (it's tough to get comfortable with this soccer ball in my belly) and the fact that I swear this kid grows by the hour and let me tell you some of these "growing pains" really hurt. 
On the home front things are progressing well. It makes me happy to know the baby's room has a fresh coat of paint and we'll be buying some of the furniture this weekend. I can't wait to see it all come together! 

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3 notes

  1. You are such a cute and stylish pregnant gal! I hope to one-day be that stylish while I'm pregnant. :)

  2. This totally made my lunch break!! You are like the prettiest pregnant girl ever!! Insanely adorable!! And I totally got that skirt too! :) Can't wait to see the baby's room!


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