One year at the cabin

1:30 PM

It's hard for me to fathom that an entire year has flown by since we first called the cabin home. This past Sunday I put on a Billie Holiday record and it reminded me of the week I spent unpacking last year - before we had internet and when all I had for entertainment were a couple of her records. I would just play them over and over again as I tackled the mountains of boxes. 
And that was how it all began...
Once the last box was gone and I put sheets on our bed I finally felt like we were home, for real this time. You know that feeling when you come home from college for the first time and you realize that "home" isn't home anymore? You get that nagging feeling that home is somewhere else and you simply haven't found it yet. I've had that feeling for years. All the places we've lived as a new family were nice enough but I still never quite felt that warm and fuzzy feeling when I walked through the door. Well... I finally got it here. 
It smells like our home. The creaking floors feel like our home. We finally feel like we belong. And I'm so grateful for the sense of peace this home has brought us, the groundedness and the joy we've experienced here. As the rain beat down on the windows this past Sunday I thought about the fact that this baby's childhood memories will always reside in this home... This is what he or she will remember when they grow up - the little blue cabin on the mountain. There's something incredibly special about that to me. 
So here's to another year at the little blue cabin! 

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  1. You have the sweetest little family! I am dreaming of moving to the a cabin on the mountains. Lovely blog :) xo Sara

  2. Sara Grace - Thank you so much darling! You should DO IT! Best thing we ever did! xo

    Mara - Thank you so much my dear! Can't wait to see photos of your new place! xo


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