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It's been thrilling for me to now have two kids that enjoy books, though in different ways. Birdie is very excited about numbers and letters and her version of "reading" (reading and re-reading a certain book with us until she has it memorized). Teddy enjoys books that have recognizable symbols that he can name. So we're big on alphabet, number and word books. I thought I would share the four that are on heavy rotation and get a lot of love around here

Dino Block by Christopher Franceschelli - This is our "bedtime" book and we all have it memorized. It's such a fun, quick (thank goodness) and colorful read. Teddy and Birdie both love it.

My first book of Nature by Alain Gree - Birdie absolutely adores this book especially since we've been talking a lot about the changing seasons. She can name every single symbol and she's very proud of that fact. 

Alphabet by Alain Gree - Another book by Mr. Gree and it's chock full of gorgeous illustrations. Both the kids love this one and it's great in the car too as a "busy book."

One Thousand Things by Anna Kovecses - this is a great "preschool" book. It's starts out on a basic level and gets progressively more challenging as you go on. Another book we rotate in the car. 

I'm finding that getting books for kids in this age group (two and four) is not as easy as it may seem. It's a bit of trail and error until you figure out what length, comprehension level and subject matter your kids prefer. For Birdie and Teddy they're both past board books but any book with more than one sentence per page doesn't hold their concentration. These four are just perfect and ones that we've been enjoying all summer.

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