teddy turns two!!

10:36 PM

Well... it happened. My baby turned two. I no longer have a child who's age I can refer to in "months." Nope, it's official - he's a toddler. A running wild, sentence saying, counting (from two to "eveven," as in literally "two, eveven") and snack getting toddler. And once again I find myself misty eyed and wondering "no, really, where DID the time go??" I also make sure I can hit peak ugly cry status by watching baby videos and dusting off all the hard drives. Are they really that tiny?? Newborns are all rainbows, fluffy clouds and angels singing right?? I am definitely remembering this right. Definitely. 
But truth be told I don't think it matters how tough of a time you have during whichever period with any of your children you will miss the one that came before and also welcome the new with open arms. Because that's parenting - the most confusing, conflicting, and chaotic relationship you'll ever be in. Because my heart skips a beat every time he whispers "I yuv ewe mama" and I just about die when he crawls around the nursery picking up broken crayons while saying "I kweening mama!" And let's not forget that his acid reflux is gone along with his nasty dairy protein allergy. He sleeps through the night (well, most of the time) and we're done with bottles and pacis and we may be on the verge of getting rid of diapers too. And it's so, so good. He's still a total mama's boy, still needs me, wants me and still looks so much like a baby when he sleeps. And watching him grow, it's... it's just indescribable. Watching his relationship with Birdie blossom and seeing the way he is able to process things around him more, watching his curiosity explode and his level of understanding increase. It's all so very special. 
So here's to you my Teddy boy! May this next year of your life bring so much more learning, loving, laughing and planes, trains and automobiles because lord knows you love your moving vehicles. We love you to pieces!! Thanks for making our family complete!

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