a happy list

1:09 PM

Whenever I feel stuck in a "blogging rut" I go back. I go back to the days it was called "livejournal" because it was exactly that - a journal. I got back to the back we wrote about everything and nothing and whatever came in between. I desperately miss the rambly posts that went on and on about someone's day until you could practically feel how cushy their sofa was and smell the dog hair that was nestled in the carpet. I miss that feeling I used to get of "coming over for tea." I feel like blogs used to leave me feeling so full - full of new ideas, experiences, memories and stories and now, all too often, they leave me feeling empty both in my soul and wallet. And speaking of rambly I didn't mean for this introduction to get this long but there you have it. I suppose it's a little warning that below you will not find much substance, just the things that have put a smile on my face as of late. Perhaps it will make you smile too...

my new "old timey" looking mug that I swear makes coffee taste extra delicious
pumpkin and spice scented candles that make me hungry even in the middle of the night
the way Teddy burrows into my body at night when he sneaks into our bed
tights on toddlers
pumpkins, mums, our spooky cat and wheat wreath on the front porch
psl's all day ever day
autumn road trips when falling leaves pave your way
sweaters in every shape color and style but especially the chunky ones
clean laundry, clean sheets, clean towel, clean everything
baby mittens
whole food's pumpkin pie, try it - it's unbelievable
the crackle of logs in the fireplace and the smell that wafts all the way up to the second floor
story time with squeaky clean and yummy smelling babes before bed
pumpkin waffles for breakfast with my special homemade cinnamon whipped cream
the enya station on spotify
corduroy, flannel, waffle knits, caramel colored boots and plaid scarves
the flicker of candles on a moody, stormy night
the anticipation of all the holidays, the time with family, the sparkle
blankets - the wooly ones, the fuzzy ones the old ones
the smell of soup bubbling away on the stove
leaves in all their beautiful colors and shapes, acorns and pine cones
listening to Birdie tell me about her day on the drive home from preschool
secretly observing the kids while they play
when someone uses too many exclamation marks in an email (I love it!!)
new books (excited to start The Girl on the Train)
the buzz in the air this time of year - costumes, parties, decorations, candy!

What about you? What is making you smile as of late?


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