taking stock vol. viii

7:54 AM

Happy fall friends! I've come to relish updating this little list with every new season each year. It's fun to go back and re-read the ones from years past, to see how much or how little has changed. And I like the chance to sit down with a cup of coffee and think about the next few months, map it out a little and take some time to express gratitude or concerns about this season of life. So grab a cup of something hot, light a pumpkin scented candle and pull up a chair.

making: all the pumpkin things - bread, waffles, coffee, pancakes and muffins. I cannot get enough!
cooking: soups, lots of soups. As soon as the temperatures dip below 70 I'm all about slow cooker meals and anything that has the word "simmer" in the recipe.
drinking: coffee. Way too much coffee, with a dash of pumpkin spice creamer.
wanting: to go apple picking but only if it's chilly. We went a few years ago when it was still in the mid 80's and I did not appreciate all the sweating.
looking: at my "autumn" pinterest board that gives me all the warm and fuzzies.
wasting: flour on baking. Though I suppose it's not really wasted because we all enjoy eating it so much.
wishing: for snow this Christmas. I wish!! I wish!!
enjoying: this new stage in our family's life. It's a busy one but a full and exciting one too.
waiting: for it to get cold enough for us to make a fire in the fireplace.
liking: the gaucho trend. I've been on the fence for so long and then I got a pair from Madewell and never looked back!
wondering: if I can keep all these plates spinning without breaking any of them. Sometimes the anxiety is really overwhelming.
loving: being 30 so far!! I feel like it's just as good as everyone told me it would be!
hoping: for a rainy, cold and snowy autumn and winter. One can dream right?
marveling: at Teddy's vocabulary. He went from a handful of words at the beginning of this summer to being able to communicate just about everything he needs to at this point! Including saying "bwess uuu" if you sneeze. It's the cutest thing!
needing: a new hat. Not sure what kind but it's kind of become tradition that when the weather turns cold I add another topper to my collection.
smelling: all the fall scented candles. I literally cannot resist them. So far I've picked up some great ones at Target and Anthropologie.
wearing: tights! Finally!!
listening: to the country coffeehouse station on spotify, so good.
noticing: just how much all of our pets have grown in the last few months! Franny especially!
knowing: that I did my best.
thinking: about decorating for fall and eventually Christmas and I mean is there anything better to daydream about??
feeling: like growing up might not be that bad.
bookmarking: airbnb's to visit this fall. There are some fantastic ones in Nashville!
opening: a new jar of Nutella. I swore it off this summer but I couldn't resist it's siren call at the grocery store the other day!
giggling: with my husband. After a tough summer and start of fall it feels really good to just laugh.

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