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It may still be 95 degrees every day but in my heart - it's autumn. This weekend I made a breakfast that some may describe as overkill but in my book it was just right - pumpkin spice waffles with pumpkin spice coffee and creamer. Mmmm.... as they say: "Give me pumpkin or give me death!!" I've been lighting all my favorite fall candles and goodness do I love that warm familiar scent of cloves, mulled apples and allspice. Mrs Meyers really knocked it out of the park with the apple cider scent for their cleaning supplies. I practically want to eat it it smells so good!
I've also begun to stock up on fall clothes for our family - knit hats for the littles, warm boots and sweatshirts. I've been living in my c!ao Madewell sweatshirt and though I got Teddy the sweatpants from the Rylee & Cru fall launch I'm now strongly considering ordering the sweatshirt as well. Those little bears!! Be still my heart! 
I've also been shopping for some new books for the littles and I couldn't think of a better one for this time of year than "Before After" by Matthias Arégui. I'm also anxiously anticipating the fall release at Brimful Shop! Annie has been sharing sneak peaks on their instagram page and I cannot wait to get my hands on some of those books and toys. 
I've also already booked our campsite for this October and I'm kind of drooling over this gorgeous sleeping bag, plus it looks super warm too! We got the kids their own tent for playing in during the day and it's all Birdie ever talks about! 
Last but not least I am getting so exciting about launching Valya Kids next week! I have some super fun things planned for the week of the launch so keep an eye out :). I think the "caramel popcorn" is my favorite but then again I love them all!

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