my little brother, all grown up

1:35 PM

Hard to imagine that this photo was taken over twenty years ago... I could have never imagined then all the places we would go together. The memories we would make. The fights we would have (SO. MANY. FIGHTS). The laughs. The constant rivalry and yet the deep love and respect that grew and grew as we got older.
And so it is with great pride and admiration that I would like to share with you that my baby brother published a book!! It's something that he has painstakingly worked on for close to a decade and I am blown away by his courage, his heart and his incredible voice that wasn't easy to find. He is probably the only person that understands how difficult it is to be us - Russian by birth, gypsies by circumstances and Americans by naturalization. We are often misunderstood, lonely and just plain strange. He was able to channel all those complex feelings into his work and those words have a special place in my heart.
Below is a great video that will give you a better understanding of Konstantin as a person and also his BRAND new book!

If you would like to purchase a copy you can head over here.

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