the perfect striped shirt

9:32 AM

hat - stepcat of canada, coat & jeans - j.crew, top - gap, shoes - converse

I would give anything to go back to this day this past weekend when I was wearing CLOTHES. Sure was nice. I could wax poetic about the outfit here or even the weekend, which was so nice, but I'll just be honest instead. Because honestly, today sucks. Our nanny cancelled today and I have a gigantic pile of work that was supposed to be worked on. There are hampers strewn everywhere with clothes that need to be folded. Sheets need to be washed and oh, there's the business of me still being in my bathrobe... Papa bear works late today so I'm stuck here amongst this mess with a toddler dying to go "ousiddde" and a cranky baby. And it's freezing outside. 
Did I mention that mercury is in retrograde??? Until February 11??!! Lord help us all right? Sounds like even the "big blizzard" was a bust in most places. That's January for ya though - a giant disappointment. I suppose nothing beats Christmas so this downward slide was inevitable but still. So I'm just going to grit my teeth until oh say... Valentines Day? Should be better by then right? And if not we can all drown our sorrows in chocolaty confections. Speaking of which I love when the day after they're all 75 percent off and I just go and buy it ALL. 
So that's life right now. But before I sign off I have to tell you that this top really is the bomb. It's $10 but feels like it cost ten times more. It's the perfect length, thickness and hello - black and white stripes go with absolutely everything! I've been living in it all weekend and now I'm just waiting for it to come out of the dryer and I'll probably wear it all week.

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  1. Ah, a good black and white striped tee is on my list! Is this recent, do you have a link dear?!! I have been in the same mode, let's just get through the rest of winter! :)

  2. Same here as well. January probably sucks everywhere.

  3. You look great though! :-) Even if you'd manage to wear clothes just for the photos. I have to look somewhat presentable for office every day , but in winter I am so far from having an actual outfit , a hairdo or makeup. And I don't even care. It will be better when the days get longer. We'll make it till then! o_O

  4. sorry to hear about your day being so awful! I hope it gets better later in the week! Your hat looks awesome, though. Are you planning anything special for Valentine's Day?


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