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^ my father's family, he's the one to the right of my grandmother ^

Thanksgiving is almost upon us! Soon our home with be filled with familiar voices, the smell of a turkey roasting in the oven and the clatter of silverware. I get so excited every time I open our freezer and see that giant bird in there!! In the mean time I thought I'd share some links of things I've been enjoying lately for you to browse.

Happy almost Thanksgiving!!

this modern guide to thanksgiving etiquette is so good

cannot stop listening to the mockingjay - part I soundtrack. lorde knocked it out of the park

this post about your second baby really hit home with me and this instagram post stopped me in my tracks, such a good reminder

loved the documentary spinning plates. i came ready to hate on grant achatz (i unapologetically hate pretentious food) but came away with a lot of respect for both his passion and talent

what could be more fun than browsing anthropologie's christmas decor?

interesting article about sex on tv from the washington post

this butternut squash soup would make a lovely start to thanksgiving dinner

speaking of thanksgiving the perfect pie crust, 8 different pie crusts and if you are terrible at pies (like myself) why not try these "pumpkin pie" cookies instead?

looking for a last minute outfit idea for dinner? i'm in love with this darling dress from old navy and i think it would look perfect with these target mary janes!

a quick and fun read to enjoy while THE GAME IS ON

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