miniature soccer

8:51 AM

hat - target, sweater - j.crew, dress - ace & jig, tights - kate spade, shoes - madewell

Having your toddler around while taking outfit pictures makes for some extra special images... Taking these with two kids is even trickier than with one but hey we figure it out. Sometimes it means playing a little soccer to keep one of them entertained. Speaking of which does anyone else's kid become obsessed with a new object every week? Birdie picked up this soccer ball at Target the other day and they have been inseparable. All day long I hear "baaaaaal!! baaaalllll!" It's as adorable as it sounds. 
Also I have to sing the praises of this Ace & Jig dress. I've been wearing it constantly. I've layered it with tees underneath or sweaters and cardigans on top. The fabric is both luxurious but also soft and comfortable. My dream is to replace all my dresses with these darling creations! Even papa bear said the other day that I never wear dresses but I wear this one all the time so I must really like it! And I do, I really do! 

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