cherry pie anyone?

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I would like to thank the makers of halloween candy for these photos. Shoveling chocolate into Birdie's mouth is what persuaded her to keep the outfit on (she is going through a maj "don't you dare put anything on my head stage" so...) and to pose for me. Can you blame me though?? How could I not document this fabulousness?!
This year was the first time that she really got to go trick-or-treating and I'm not sure who had more fun us or her (us, definitely us) but we all had a blast. She was so modest about taking the candy too. Our neighbors kept encouraging her to take more but she never took more than two and even the second piece would require a significant amount of cajoling. This is also the kid that when given the entire Disney store to chose from at Disney Village this summer picked a tiny Minnie Mouse for $1.99. I'm not sure she's my daughter... However, if this holds through the teenage years I am not going to complain!
Once home she of course wanted to dive right into her loot and with it being dinner time I tried to hide it. She's too old for that trick though so we compromised by letting her have some fruit snacks that she picked up from some health conscious neighbor (thank heavens for those!). She still managed to eat all her dinner somehow and went to bed a very happy and stuffed little turkey. 
It was such a fun day that we ended by raiding her stash all the while our bowl by the front door was looking emptier by the minute as more and more kids and their parents stopped by. I just loved seeing all the costumes. We had a lot of princesses and TMNT but no Elsas! I was shocked! Oh, I also want to give a shout out to parents these days - y'all rock for raising such polite kids! I would say that 90% of the kids we got always said thank you and would proudly tell me that "mummy or daddy said that I can only have two." And before I forget the cuteness award for the night goes to the kiddo who after his parent unwittingly rang the doorbell pointed to our sign and said "Dad!!! It says "please... do... not... ring doorbell... baby sleeping." That dad got totally schooled by his little boy!

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  1. How very, very sweet! I can't believe you really managed pictures with her dully dressed and smiling! In Germany it is just starting to get really popular (because of the candy!) and this year we had small groups of kids coming for the first time. Mostly witches, zombies and action heroes. :-D And who have yet to be taught some modesty. My daughter brought home a creative fruit snack too: a tangerine painted like a halloween pumpkin. I liked that.

    1. I kind of couldn't believe it either! Aww! I love that idea! xo


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