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Some weeks make you feel like you are stuck in the cylinder of a vacuum - constantly swirling around surrounded by noise and dirt and no way to get out. This week was one of those. Looking at these images now I feel like that day was years ago, surely not just this past weekend. Not just this past Sunday. 
You see last Sunday was all about "love and light" as Mrs. Biermann often says on Bravo. Sunday was for hugs and hot steaming cups of tea and Nutella and holding hands and leaves, glorious, golden and fiery red leaves. Once we got out of the car, unpacked the double stroller, got everyone's hats on, walked to the cafe, then turned around once we realized Teddy needed to nurse, then got everyone back out of the car, dressed, in the stroller and in the cafe. Whew!! Wears me out just reading that but hey such is life with two under two and as soon as we all started shoveling mouthfuls of steaming hot crepes in our mouths I realized that it's still so good. But the struggle is real y'all, so very real. 
With our bellies satisfied and our hands warmed we headed back out. Julianna's is located within the Inman Park neighborhood of Atlanta and what a lovely neighborhood it is. It was nearing the afternoon by the time we stepped out and it practically felt like dusk outside. The air was still and brimming with fall goodness. Hefty piles of leaves crunched under our feet and Birdie slowed us down to a crawl by stopping to pick up practically every single one. Every now and again an icy breeze would blow forewarning us of the coming week and nip you right around your ears. Chimneys atop charming old homes puffed up clouds of smoke and you could almost hear the logs crackling inside making me miss our fireplace at the cabin something fierce. 
Birdie's indiscernible narration of our walk made it ever more exciting as everything from a leaf blower to graffiti elicited excited "woooo's" from her. We walked past an ice cream shop we bookmarked for a visit next time and daydreamed about living in such a neighborhood one day. Kids whizzed past us on their scooters and bits and pieces of conversation landed around us from bikers and couples on walks. As we made our way back to the car the sky got darker and threatened rain. We were all getting cold at this point and yet I didn't want this walk to end. In fact I didn't want the day to end. It was everything I love about this season rolled into one. 
Sometimes I love those last few days of fall even more than the start of fall itself. The buzz of Christmas is in the air and you could practically see the sparkle. The trees are weighed down with leaves at their peak of gorgeous color, the sky is darker, the air smells of smoke and the quickly dropping temperatures bring out all the knits we own. Whispers of snow and Santa and jingle bells abound but they're only whispers still because fall deserves to go out gracefully. And my does she ever.

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