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10:29 AM

^ Birdie's first donut! ^
^ added a book about christmas to Birdie's collection ^
Last weekend was so wonderful that when monday turned out to be a MONDAY it hit us extra hard. Actually the whole week ended up being pretty hectic and terrible. It was one of those weeks where thursday felt like friday and you wanted/needed it to be friday so badly. We had way too many doctors appointments, too many trips to the pharmacy and too many phone calls with customer service reps. Like I said, one of those weeks. 
In light of that I need something good today, something positive. Often when I'm feeling run down and blue there's nothing like a gratitude list to remind me of just how good I really have it. And so even though I'm exhausted, annoyed, frustrated and tired (there's exhausted and tired, those are two different things right?) here's what I'm oh so grateful for (it is the month for gratitude after all!):
  • the promise of holidays and family and good food
  • the start of christmas shopping (confession: I already bought wrapping paper at Target...)
  • all the take-out options close to our house because lord knows I'm not cooking right now (especially the thai place, mango and sticky rice is my love language)
  • speaking of love languages I am so thankful to papa bear for taking Birdie to work with him this week so that I could take Teddy to his doctor's appointment. Taking two kids to a doctor's office together is like being inside Dante's fifth circle - not recommended. 
  • peppermint EVERYTHING!!
  • a yummy sweaty toddler after a nap
  • people who go above and beyond to help you and especially people who will call you sweetie or honey while doing it
  • the leaves finally changing color around here and it looks glorious!!
  • daniel tiger
  • slippers. I held off for a while but now I'm all in and wondering why I was against keeping my feet warm and cozy??
  • the people in my life who know how to listen, truly listen. No advice, no suggestions, no empty sympathy but pure acceptance and selflessness. When you've had a crappy time all you really need is to be able to vent and have a shoulder to cry on. 
  • cooler temperatures meaning I can finally pull out my warm coats, hats and scarves!!
  • earth's best microwavable kids meals so that I can be lazy when it comes to my child's meals but not feel totally horrible. Only slightly. 
  • Taylor Swift's new album. On repeat. 
  • finally being allowed to take baths again
  • date night tonight (FINALLY!!)
There! I already feel better! Wanna join in? Share one thing you're grateful for this week and I promise you've feel a smidge less crappy! 

Have a great weekend folks!!


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  1. i need to take your suggestions on earth best toddler meals. feeding time is so hard here! its either cottage cheese or yogurt for clara and thats it.

    1. Dude they are the GREATEST!! Expensive but we save them for "emergency days" i.e., days when I'm pulling my hair out lol :)

  2. Amen to easy toddler food!! I am so over giving Cecily anything that takes much time to make since she never touches it anyway! Where did my good, adventurous eater go? :( And that Richard Scarry animals Christmas book was one of my favorites when I was little. We had my mom's old copy from the 60s. :)

    1. EXACTLY!! Aww!! That's amazing about the book! I also loved anything Richard Scarry when I was little :)

  3. So many good things to be happy about! Baths are the best!


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