a week's worth of odds + ends

10:23 AM

^ I rarely take the time to make myself a nice breakfast these days but occasionally it happens ^
^ two little beds on either side of this dresser make my heart explode! ^
^ I washed Birdie's old bear suit and swaddles for baby boy ^
^ papa bear fell asleep on the job... ^

I don't sleep anymore and I suppose that's normal. I've been awake since 4:30 this morning and then Birdie was awoken by the torrential rain that began to beat against our windows around 5:30 am. By six we had all given up on trying to sleep so we put on Alice in Wonderland and cuddled up together while the rain came down. 
I'm really trying to cherish and bottle up moments like these. Before falling asleep last night papa bear expressed the same bittersweet feelings I've been having too - the way we both can't wait to meet baby boy but also are already mourning the fact that Birdie will no longer be our whole world. It's all we've known for almost two years and right now it almost seems impossible to make room in our hearts for anyone else. She has filled our life with so much love and joy, I don't see how we could possibly feel more or love more than this little person. I know we will but the feelings are there nonetheless. 
On a lighter note we transitioned Birdie to a toddler bed two weeks ago. We wanted to make sure to do that before baby boy comes so that she doesn't associate any big changes with her little brother's arrival (his presence alone will be enough of an adjustment). I have to say we have both been shocked at how well it went! We fully prepared ourselves for sleepless nights and for a possible "falling" incident but I am happy to report that neither has happened! In fact she seems to sleep better in her new bed! She has slept through the night practically every day for the past two weeks and goes down for naps easily. I think she really loves it actually! She's always been quite independent and I think she really enjoys the freedom she has with this bed. 
I also finally finished the nursery this week. I unpacked all of Birdie's newborn things, we ordered and put a mattress into the crib and hung up the last of the pictures. We're so happy with how it's all come together even if we cannot wrap our minds around seeing two kiddos in that room. And soon too!! Speaking of which we have less than a month left and I am in full nesting mode. I didn't think it would happen a second time around but I have been obsessed with organizing, folding and preparing. Now I just need this baby boy to come join us! Side note: you totally forget just how tiny newborn diapers are!! They look like they are meant for a doll!

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  1. I love that little bed! May I ask where it's from? Also is that a toddler or twin mattress? Looking to transition our 21 month old soon. Thanks!

    1. Sure! The bed is the Jenny Lind toddler bed from Land of Nod and you can absolutely use a crib sized mattress in it. It's essentially the same size as a crib, just very low to the ground which is perfect, I think, when transitioning them. Good luck! xo

  2. Its all so exciting! I love your home!! I am expecting my first and my in-laws just bought me a little white bear suit for my little girl and I can't even! I die every time I look at it!

    1. Thank you so much!! That is so kind of you! Aww!! Aren't baby bear suits just the best?! :) xo


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