pregnancy essentials vol. II

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Your mind really does have a way of filing away unpleasant memories. In regards to pregnancy I definitely forgot how awful the third trimester really feels. Throw in 90 degree temperatures and you have yourself a recipe for a very cranky lady that waddles around like an aging duck. I think 32 weeks was the last time I remotely felt "ok." Now I'm reduced to a sad sack of complaints groans, crying spells and general unhappiness. I do think that mentally it all makes sense, it's natures way of tricking you into looking forward to delivery because you've officially gotten to the point where you will do anything to "get this baby out of me." To be fair I don't think baby boy is sailing around in paradise either, it feels like the poor guy it running out of room in there. So needless to say I think we're both ready for that due date to be here yesterday.
It's definitely all about comfort at this point and with this being my second pregnancy I've learned some lessons and also picked up some unpleasant side effects I never had with my first (namely heartburn and "that which shall not be named" ladies I think you know what I mean...). The things I'm about to list below are what keep me chugging along daily and provide some relief, comfort or are just plain indulgences which we all need from time to time:

bump nest pregnancy pillow - GET ONE RIGHT THIS MINUTE. It is an absolute mystery to me how I made it through my last pregnancy without one. This behemoth (and it really is a monstrosity and heavy as all get-out) is my best friend - soft as a baby's bum and plush it's THE only reason I get any sort of sleep at this point. Every night when I crawl into bed my body just melts into it. LOVE.

prenatal yoga - between moving and hauling around an almost 30 pound toddler all day my poor back and hips are worn out by the end of each day. Sometimes it gets to the point where I literally cannot get out of a sitting position. That's when I know it's time for some yoga. I don't have the endurance for more than 20 minutes but even that is enough to open up my hips again and relieve some of that pain and pressure. 

baths - I'm on a daily bath schedule at this point and it's one of the things I look forward to the most at the end of the day. If I'm feeling especially fancy I'll throw in a Lush bath bomb and pretend that I'm not pregnant, if even for just half an hour. It is glorious. 

target antacid flavor chews - I've been getting the worst heartburn this time around. Part of it is definitely all the McDonald's runs (lets get real here shall we? I really don't have the energy to cook my toddler three meals a day and then cook three more for myself, it's just not going to happen at this point) but part of it is just what happens, especially during the third trimester. Since I despise chalky tasting things I got these citrus flavored chewables instead. They're still a bit chalky but not nearly as bad as Tums. 

M&M's - I don't think these need any sort of explanation. 

hanky panky thongs - to put it bluntly: nothing. else. fits.

target tanks - I pretty much exclusively wear these with my trusty maternity leggings at this point. I also sleep in them. You really don't need "maternity tanks," these will do just fine and you can usually get them on sale for less than $7. I have like a hundred. 

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